Michael Walsh

Software Engineer

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About Me

Software Engineer at Redgate Software, Cambridge, working on SQL Prompt
Graduated with a first in Computer Science from the University of York
Previous software engineering intern at MBDA Bristol
Proficient in C# and Java, also have experience with C++ and Python

My Projects

Bit Bounce Image

Bit Bounce Get it on Google Play

A procedural infinite climbing game developed for Android. Climb an ever-changing tower, avoiding traps and collecting bits as you go. Featuring a large variety of achievements and global leaderboards.

MCTS Visualisaion Image

MCTS Visualisation

My final year project at the University of York, focusing on the visualisation of Monte Carlo Tree Search in three dimensional space, for a variety of different games.

RPS Net Image

RPS Net Download

A fully functioning online matchmaking system made in 2017 using Java, Kryonet and LibGDX, using Rock-Paper-Scissors as an example game.

Buttons and Boxes Image

Buttons and Boxes Web Demo

Buttons and Boxes is a Sokoban-esque puzzle game developed in unity 3D. It has been in development on and off for just over a year and contains a level editor which allows players to share their levels with each other.

Tank Wars Image

Tank Wars Web Demo

An arcade style top-down tank based shooter built in Unity 2D.

Chipster Image


A Chip-8 emulator written in C#, using OpenTK for graphics.